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MEASAR software

The software for the MEASAR measuring system is based on LabVIEW and runs under the operating system Windows NT and Windows XP. After installation, a PC or laptop can be connected to the MEASAR measuring system with a RS232 or USB interface. The following settings can be made and measuring routines called up to determine the CEM performance:

















  Operating voltage of the channel electron multiplier at a constant bias-voltage between CEM output and anode.
    Dead time of the preamplifier
    Discriminator threshold
    Length of measuring interval
    Number of measuring intervals
    Pause between measuring intervals
    Setting overload protection
    Setting ramp speed
    CEM performance
    Determining dark pulse rate
    Measurements of Counts vs. applied voltage plots to determine optimal working point of the CEMs
    Setting of the measuring interval from 10 ms to infinity
    Setting of repetition rate
    Specification of a pause between measurements
    Optional: external trigger input
    Data recording
    Graphic representation of all measuring channels in real time
    Saving the measuring data as .txt file












After setting the high voltage, the discriminator threshold, the dead time of the preamplifier and, if necessary, an overload protection in the menu "Device", the length of the measuring intervals, the number of repetitions, and if a pause should be made between measurements or if measurement should continue upon an external trigger, can be specified in the menu.


















In addition, the Counts vs. High voltage plot can be opened, from which the start and end voltage can be selected in advance and the increment size specified. A constant radiation source must be present, for example a vacuum measuring tube, like for the measurements in Fig. 4.

Film 1. The film shows the installation of the MEASAR software, operation of a MEASARsolo-S, the measurement of the counts vs applied voltage plot and counting of CEM output pulses

While the measurement is running, the measurements can be shown in real time in an overview for all CEMs simultaneously (see Fig. 4), whereby the magnitude of the counter results on the y-axis are shown. Each diagram can be enlarged with a double click and saved in bmp format (Fig. 7). The measuring results are saved under "Save" as a .txt file and available for data evaluation with an evaluation program (such as SigmaPlot) using drag&drop.


Fig. 7 Overview graphics can be enlarged with a double click


Fig. 1 The MEASAR software was developed in cooperation with the Technical University of Darmstadt, WMT-Elektronik GmbH and Dr. Sjuts Optotechnik GmbH
Fig. 2 Discriminator threshold and dead time of the preamplifier can be set in the software
Fig. 3 Entering the dead time of the preamplifier and the overload limit
Fig. 4 All Counts vs. High voltage plots of the CEMs can be recorded simultaneously, enabling a fast insight into the condition of the CEM and the preamplifier
Fig. 5 The current count rates of the connected CEMs are displayed and saved as .txt files


















































































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