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Characteristics of Extended Dynamic Range CEMs





Typical gain at 2.8 kV applied voltage 1 x 10e8
  Typical wall resistance Mohm 60 - 80
  Pulse height distribution at 2.8 kV and 3.000 cps % <80
  Dark count rate above a threshold of - 5 mV cps < 0.02
  Maximum count rate cps 15 Mio
  Typical pulse width (FWHM) at 2.3 kV nsec 8
  Operating voltage kV max. 3.5
  Temperature (operating and storage) °C max. 70
  Bake temperature in vacuum °C max. 250
The electro-optical specifications of the Extended Dynamic Range CEMs are valid for all models. Different are the sizes of the entrance funnels, the shape of the funnels (round, rectangular or square), and the angles between funnels and the CEM bodies. The dark count rates depend on the CEM opening and are at a minimum for smaller openings. Figures 1 - 6 show typical data plots for the Extended Dynamic Range CEMs measured with our test equipment.
Selection Guide Extended Dynamic Range Type CEMs


Circular Openings


Opening Model Model Model

5 mm

fdsdsf dsds
Model name KBL 5RS-EDR KBL 5RS/45-EDR KBL 5RS/90-EDR

10 mm

Model name KBL 10RS-EDR KBL 10RS/45-EDR
15 mm KBL15RS_45 KBL15RS_90
Model name KBL 15RS-EDR KBL 15RS/45-EDR KBL 15RS/90-EDR
20 mm
KBL20RS_45 KBL20RS_90
Model name
KBL 20 RS/45-EDR
25 mm
Model name


Rectangular Openings


2 x 10 mm 1  

5 x 10 mm

Model name KBL 210-EDR   Model name KBL 510-EDR
4 x 8 mm 1  

5 x 15 mm

Model name KBL 408-EDR   Model name KBL 1505-EDR
5 x 5 mm 1   10 x 10 mm 1
Model name KBL 505-EDR   Model name KBL 1010-EDR

Fig. 1 Typical output pulse at 2.8 kV applied voltage

Fig. 2 Typical gain characteristic
Fig. 3 Count rate vs. Applied voltage plot
Fig. 4 Gain vs. Count rate plot
Fig. 5 Typical PHD at 3.2 kV (3000 cps)
Fig. 6 PHD vs. Applied voltage
















































































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